Principal Backend Developer

Plato is a fast growing social games platform made by the creators of Yahoo! Games and backed by early investors of WhatsApp. We currently have over 40 million players who spend more than 1 billion minutes in our app every month (growing mainly through word of mouth).

We love going against the grain and charting our own path to success. As an example, we’re making a stand to reject the current advertising industrial complex:

About the Role

We are looking for a senior level software engineer to join the platform and infrastructure team at Plato. Help make a big impact by extending our multiplayer game and chat platform, working in a team of senior engineers. You'll architect, develop, refactor, and maintain components across our entire backend stack, providing a collection of services for other platform components to utilize, as well as our mobile clients.

As a Principal Engineer, you’ll be expected to be independently seek better ways to do things, provide technical leadership for others, and demonstrate your successful results.

What you'll be doing

  • Be fully hands-on coding in a small, fast-paced startup environment.
  • Collaboratively architect and develop solutions for both small and large/next gen problems.
  • Be aware of full stack concerns: how to provide a back-end service for many mobile app clients.
  • Contribute to the operations team keeping our service running constantly.


  • Have a strong interest in optimization: optimize for speed, optimize for size.
  • Develop in a high performance/high scalability environment.
  • Have a portfolio of your successes: be able to show past projects that you are proud to demonstrate and talk about in technical depth.
  • Ability to create clean, precise coding in a language you are an expert in.
  • Linux systems experience at the network and system level. Can discuss things like epoll and TCP handshakes.
  • Strong interest or experience with Golang and Dartlang.
  • MS (or higher) in a STEM field, or BS (or higher) in computer science/engineering.
  • Past experience with production environments including hands-on experiencing dealing with deployments, monitoring, hotfixing, A/B testing, triaging, and stability.
  • Be passionate and enthusiastic - we create games and a thriving social platform, after all!